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While taking your Recorded Courses with Unlimited Access, you'll find all that you need here, where you can 

  • Get access to your course recordings
  • Get your course assignments
  • View your course's resources
  • Turn in your assignments
  • Take your quizzes and exams (if included in the course)
  • See how to contact your instructor 
  • And find all that you need, to have a great learning experience.

A Few Questions & Answers...

q and a  "Where can I find my Recorded Courses?"
The list of Recorded Courses can be found below -- simply click on "Middle School" or "High School," to follow the clicks to your course. The title of each course will say "Recorded." Following your subscription, you received an email with the "enrollment key" to gain access to any course. Simply check your email for details, and use your enrollment key in the box that pops up at your course, to "get into" the course.

q and a  "When can I watch the recordings and 'take a class'?"
With Unlimited Access, your courses are self-paced. That means that you can learn at any speed that works best for you and your family. You have access to any course, at any time, and in any place that has an Internet connection. 

q and a  What do I need to do now?"
To understand how to fully navigate Moodle, here are some instructional links to help you. The information below answers key questions on how Moodle works: 

  1. How to send a message to your Instructor in Moodle
  2. How to view grades in Moodle
  3. How to submit an assignment in Moodle
  4. How to unenroll from a course in Moodle

q and a  "Can I get a teacher to grade my coursework?"

Yes! Most Recorded Courses offer grading support known as Instructor Access. With Instructor Access, you'll get one-on-one help from professional, subject-specific instructors -- with email conversation, personal feedback, and complete grading of your student's coursework. To see a list of the courses offering Instructor Access, please click on this link and visit the Recorded Course Catalog


q and a "What if I want to focus only on the content? Can I remove the chat from both the Live and Recorded course class sessions?"

Yes.  You can customize your view of the content so that the chat, which some find as a barrier to learning, is hidden. Watch this one minute video to learn how.


q and a  "There's a lot here! What if I get 'lost' on the site?"

You can "find your way home" two ways:

  • In the top-left navigational bar, click on "Home" or "My Courses" (whichever main page you're trying to find)... or
  • Follow the blue live-linked "thread" at the top of the page back to "Home."

q and a  "What if I have questions about a Recorded Course?"
Your answers are only an email or phone call away! If you have any questions about the Recorded Courses or Unlimited Access service, please email us at homeschoolconnections@gmail.com -- or you can simply call our toll free number at 1-888-372-4757. We're available for you and happy to help!


To access your recorded courses, click below.


Enjoy your time learning!

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