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A Few Questions & Answers...

q and a bubbles  "I need to Login to my courses... Do I do that here?"

Yes! There are two ways to access your courses.

  • Click on the words, "Middle School" or "High School," below. Then find the course category (for example, "Writing") and click to find your specific course... or
  • Search your course title in the search bar, below.

    Once at your course listing, if you do not see a course where you believe you should be enrolled, please email us at homeschoolconnections@gmail.com, and we'll make sure you have access to your courses. 

q and a bubbles  "There's a lot here! What if I get 'lost' on the site?"

You can "find your way home" two ways:

  • In the top-left navigational bar, click on "Home" or "My Courses" (whichever main page you're trying to find)... or
  • Follow the blue live-linked "thread" at the top of the page back to "Home."

q and a bubbles  "What if I have trouble with how Moodle works?"

It always helps to have some "instructions" to follow. If you haven't watched them already, watch the videos at these links to help you navigate well. The information below answers key questions on how Moodle and Adobe Connect works.

  1. How to send a message to your Instructor in Moodle
  2. How to view grades in Moodle
  3. How to submit an assignment in Moodle
  4. How to join your Adobe Connect classroom
  5. How to privately chat with your Course Monitor or Instructor in Adobe Connect

        NOTE For Aquinas Writing Advantage Courses: Because of the grading system we use, please submit all writing course documents as Microsoft Word documents only (no Google documents, PDFs, or in-system submissions, please). Microsoft Word program is helpful for pre-college work but if finances are limited, you can save any file free as .doc in a free Gmail account.
Thank you!
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"What if I want to focus only on the content? Can I remove the chat from both the Live and Recorded course class sessions?"

Yes.  You can customize your view of the content so that the chat, which some find as a barrier to learning, is hidden. Watch this one minute video to learn how.


q and a bubbles "What if I have questions about a LIVE course?"
Your answers are only an email or phone call away!
 If you have any questions about the Recorded Courses or Unlimited Access service, please email us at homeschoolconnections@gmail.com -- or you can simply call our toll free number at 1-888-372-4757. We're available for you and happy to help!


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