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Addressing Parent concerns using Zoom

Addressing Parent concerns using Zoom

by Homeschool Connections (Administrator) -
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To all of our Parents with concerns about Zoom video conferencing --

This past semester, we have tested Zoom in a few of our courses as a possible replacement for Adobe Connect. Those tests have been successful and we now plan to convert completely to Zoom, beginning with the upcoming summer semester.

There have been articles published recently about security issues with Zoom, which have raised a lot of questions. I would like to address these concerns as they relate to live, interactive courses with Homeschool Connections and reassure you that we have already taken steps to keep our virtual classrooms secure.
As you know. Homeschool Connections takes the identity and security of you and your students seriously. From the beginning, we instituted various measures to create an effective and safe learning environment for you. Here are the measures we take for all of our online classes.

1. In addition to the Instructor, we have a Course Monitor (adult) who is present in every classroom. The Course Monitor is responsible for ensuring the student behavior in the room is focused on the content being presented. If there is any deviation, they follow a protocol which can result in the removal of the student if not corrected.
2. There is a Waiting Room for each and every class meeting. That is, if a student wishes to be admitted into the virtual classroom, they have to wait for the Course Monitor to let them in. The Course Monitor uses the student roster for the course to match the students' names in the Waiting Room to the enrolled students' names. If they do not match, the Course Monitor will not allow the person in the classroom.
3. To protect the identity of each student, students are required to enter their first name and last name initial only. Occasionally, the student will enter their entire name. If this happens, the Course Monitor will promptly change their last name to their last name initial. For example, it should be John S. and NOT John Smith.

In addition to the above measures that Homeschool Connections has always applied, Zoom is ramping up their security measures including disabling the students' ability to write on a Shared screen, removing the Meeting ID from public view, and making it more difficult to enter a meeting room before and during a session.

In summary, the Homeschool Connections Staff want you to know that we are actively engaged in providing a secure environment. Your student is safe in our virtual classroom. If this is ever compromised, we will take immediate steps to communicate with you and make adjustments to the protocol.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are here to serve you.

May God bless you,
Walter Crawford & Homeschool Connections Staff
Phone: 888-372-4757